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The entire North Dorchester Skating club is run by volunteers. The board of Directors, Program Assistants, Event Organizers, Music Players and many others, are all people donating their time. It goes without saying that if it wasn't for volunteers, the skating club would be next to impossible to run.

The principle of the bond is simple...each family gives an amount of $250 to the club during registration to be used as a bond. If families help by volunteering their time and fulfill their bond requirement, then the bond money is returned to them following their bond completion. If families decide not to volunteer, then come the end of the season their bond payment would not be refunded. 

Bond are in place as an incentive for families to get involved.

How does the N.D.S.C. bond work?

There is only 1 bond require per family. It doesn't matter how many skaters you have in programs, one bond is required. 

Families are responsible for checking this page or with their group rep in regards to what opportunities are available.  

Once you have determined a bond opportunity that works for your schedule, please click the link below and send an email with the bond date you require. You will get an email in return confirming that you are scheduled for that date. 

Please note: Parent & Tot Sessions, do not require a bond.  

Below is a list of the Upcoming 2024/25 Season Bond Opportunities:

  • 4 Hour Shift at NDSC Booth at Cornfest (Sept 7th) 

  • Selling 50/50 at 1 Dolphins Game (dates TBD) 

  • Selling x2 additional books of raffle tickets 

  • Skater comes with $200+ pledge for Skate a Thon (Feb 2025) 

  • Music Player (Senior Ice Time) 

Bond Information: About
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