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NEW  Skater`s Handbook

Make sure you download the NEW North Dorchester Skating Club Skater`s Handbook.  This guide is full of information about the club and what to expect throughout the skating season, including special dates and times.


To 44 Years of Ice Skating Excellence at the North Dorchester Skating Club


We are looking forward to seeing you for the 2019-2020 season. The NDSC is  a not for profit, volunteer run organization offering complete instructional skating programs that range from learn-to-skate to Senior .  The NDSC is sanctioned by Skate Canada ensuring that all our programs offered, skills that are developed and instruction provided to our skaters all meet a specified standard that is consistent across Canada.

Skaters of all ages and abilities are welcome!

REGISTRATION QUESTIONS? BONDS How do bonds work and how do I work them off? I have questions. How can I get them answered? Check out the Program pages to learn more or go to NDSC.uplifterinc.com to register
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Registration for the

2020-2021 Season

NDSC 2020/2021 Skating Season

Start Date: Monday, Sept 14th , 2020

For Preliminary and up.

Start Date: Thursday, Oct 1st, 2020

For Canskate

End Date: Thursday, March 25th, 2021

To be announced…

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Mon Oct 12, 2020 (Thanksgiving)

Thurs Dec 24, 2020 (Christmas Eve)

Thurs Dec 31, 2020 (New Year’s Eve)

Mon Feb 15, 2021 (Family Day)

Spirit Of Skating Award

Canskater of the Year

Skater of the Year

Gold Pin Recipient

PA of the Year

Jane Steller Preliminary Award Winner

Volunteer of the Year

Club Logo Competition Winner

Lauren Robblee, Lilah Goodwill, Bella Weaver with Coach Lynne

Luke Peters and Rachel Hammond with Coach Lynne and PA James Peters

Hayleigh Mattson and Samantha Hutchinson with Coach Lynne

Lauren Robblee with Coach Darlene

Mikayla Fisher with Coach Lynne

Danielle Whitlock with Rob & Mya Steller

Tracey Robblee with Board Member Denise Christensen

Molly Reintjes with Board Member Annemarie Hunt


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